Give Your Skaters the Edge They Need to WIN!

Pro-Motion Harness Systems dramatically reduce the learning time for double, triple jumps and quad jumps. Our jumping harness systems are used by professional coaches in figure skating associations world-wide for training beginners and world champions and are helping thousands of skaters. We provide 3 harness systems: Pro-Motion Hand-Held System, Pro-Motion GOLD Track-Mounted System, and Pro-Motion ADVANTAGE Off-Ice System.

A jumping harness is a necessity in skating’s highly competitive world. The coach is able to direct the take-off curve, control the speed, keep the skater straight in the air, and keep the skater’s back in position upon landing. Down-time due to injury can be minimized. You will be able to instil confidence in your skater’s ability to do the difficult jumps and have them avoid practicing mistakes and developing bad habits. Designed and developed in Canada in 1982 by Jan and Nancy Glerup, Professional Skaters Association Master-Rated Professional Skating Coaches, former World’s Competitor and coaches of national champions and international competitors. The list of National, World, and Olympic single and pair champions using the Pro-Motion Harness attests to its effectiveness.

Canada West Skating International Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of skating harnesses in the world!

PRO-MOTION Jumping Harnesses are in use by skating associations throughout the world for training beginner through elite skaters.

We provide three Pro-Motion Harness Systems: