Pro-Motion GOLD On-Ice Track System


The Pro-Motion GOLD comes ready to install. Mounting brackets if necessary, are not included due to variation in arena structures.

The Pro-Motion GOLD package includes: 

  • Cable System – to be mounted in the arena.
  • One skater’s Deluxe Body Harness.
  • Running Wagon with a Double Pulley System (to keep the ropes from twisting) and double wheels on cable for faster ride.
  • Installation information and instructions for use.

The Pro-Motion GOLD Track System was designed to assist coaches to teach basic jumping skills or assist in spotting pair teams learning basic lifts. The cable is permanently mounted in the arena and then the coach is able to attach the skater in the harness belt to the System. The skater performs the jump and the coach is able to assist them as they lift and land by pulling on the rope. The System can be secured against an arena wall when not in use.


This Pro-Motion GOLD system comes complete with the running wagon, body harness, rope, and steel cable that runs across the ice and one turnbuckle that will tighten it. An installation booklet is included. The installation totally depends on the construction of the arena, ie. if it is a metal beam construction, concrete, or wood structure. A structural engineer could take a look at your arena and advise you on the best way to secure the cable. We advise that you have the installation done by a qualified engineer for liability reasons. You may need to have a mounting bracket fabricated at a welding shop, or it can be as simple as using an eye bolt. Each arena is slightly different.

Gold Harness Diagram

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Weight 16.2 kg
Dimensions 58 × 38 × 12 cm