Pro-Motion ADVANTAGE Off-Ice System


The Pro-Motion ADVANTAGE System is designed for training skaters off-ice. It is best used to teach skaters rotation position and jumping technique while they are wearing running shoes. Through a unique pulley design, coaches using the ADVANTAGE System have a 2 to 1 lifting ratio. This means that if you are suspending a 100 lb skater practicing rotation training, you will lift only 1/2 of that weight making it much easier for the coach to train skaters of all sizes. Skaters learn to rotate doubles, triples and quads fast and on axis with suspension training. Quickness is the essential skill required for these jumps and the ADVANTAGE System teaches that off-ice.

The System comes completely ready for installation. All you need is an area where skaters can safely work with a minumum 12 foot ceiling height. Ideally ADVANTAGE is mounted from a cross beam in the ceiling. Rubber mats make jumping and landing easier for the skater. It can be set up in a corner just off the ice surface or in a gymnasium, anywhere you have a clear area for skaters to work.

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Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 38 × 28 × 8 cm